Trip to ER and actual relief for once


I went to the ER yesterday for a status migraine spawned from the depths of hell. I was expecting little. It is pretty hit and miss with the ER here. Usually I leave in pain after a long wait and this makes me pretty depressed to be honest… I mean status migraines I pretty brutal on the mood. A migraine lasting days and days and days begins to affect sleep and mood… it gets stressful. You get desperate for some relief. And when that doesn’t happen? It can be pretty devastating. To the point I have given up on the ER.

But then This migraine. This endless fricking migraine. I was just so tired. And in so much pain and I couldn’t go to work and knowing that I knew I Had to do something about it. So I went to the ER.

It was a 8 hour wait. Yes, I did in fact say 8 hours. 8 HOURS. And most sane people would have given up after three. Of five. Or six. But I did get in after a bit, just didn’t see a doctor. I was there a total of 10 hours. And that is insane. Just goes to show how much pain I was in fact in that I waited that effing long for relief. And how horrible I would have felt if I didn’t get any. Last resort and all. Not there for my own amusement that is for sure. Not when it is noisy, bright and smelly. When you have nausea fyi the hospital with its hospital Smell is the worst place to be. What is that smell? Antiseptic? Whatever it is that is all I smell. Hospital smell. And the brightness. Oh the brightness. They do put me in a enclosed curtained off area with the lights so there is that.

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Triptans: Not a magic pill



I wanted to look up the efficiency of triptans because it seemed to me that often, more often than not in fact, I would just get a dulling for a couple hours and then back to full blown migraine. Or it would work for a couple hours and back to full blown migraine.

This isn’t the magic pill we are sold on. The ABORTIVE that will ABORT our migraine 100% so we can continue on with our day. But it can do that. Just not the percentages I had always assumed. The response rate of any kind of pain relief was in the 60%. Completely free of pain at the 2 hour mark were in around averaging 30% and those that sustained it in around the teens, with no adverse reactions. Those that had a migraine again roughly in the 30%s as well.

The thing was I thought the response rate was around 80. With the ones getting 100% in the 60%. And occurrence around 20%. But it shouldn’t have surprised me because Many people have the same experiences as me, so these stats must be quite accurate indeed. Even the failure rate of around 40% seems roughly accurate.

Remembering we can only take these 3 times a week, regardless of how many migraines we get… I myself have been saving them for work days because I work 3 days a week. I have to say dulling my migraine for a few hours… not helping me get through the work day. Just saying. Weel, substantially worse when I worked five days a week and had days not covered at all.

So people have to understand, yes, we have a pill to take for our migraines but it isn’t a magic pill. The responses for every migraine vary. And we are limited in our capacity to take them.



Source: Treating migraine headaches with Triptans