Poem: 365 #BlogBoost

365365 days one year365 days to persevere365 unshed tearsPain corrodes and interferes365 migraine days365 days pain crazedIn fogged hazeLost in a mental maze


365 days one year
365 days to persevere
365 unshed tears
Pain corrodes and interferes

365 migraine days
365 days pain crazed
365 in fogged haze
Lost in a mental maze


Poem: Going Status

The poem is about going into a status migraine. Which is an acute migraine that last longer than three days… can last weeks. Pain level is very intense. I wrote it because I am in it.

Status migrainelocked me in paincrowded me out of my brain

Going Status

Status migraine
locked me in pain,
crowded me out of my brain,
frantically trying to stay sane.

Yet, yet it remains,
Impossible to sustain,
I must take the pain and constrain,
This, status migraine, my relentless bane


Poem Mercy: Mercy #Blogboost

Mercy, mercy meI want to be set free.I’m begging for releaseIt all has to cease.Mercy, mercy meHear my pleaThere must be an endI need to transcend.

My new poem is called Mercy

Mercy, mercy me

I want to be set free.

I’m begging for release.

It all has to cease.


Mercy, mercy me.

Hear my please.

There must be an end.

I need to transcend.


The poem is about being locked into a very high intensity migraine. Around the 9 to 9.5 range or even a 10. The idea of it is that it can be taken either way. It can be taken as someone begging for the pain to end, get relief and transcend the pain. And it can be taken for someone who is in so much pain they are suicidal and they want to end the pain, be free of it ‘there must be an end’ and transcend beyond this world. I wanted it to be ambiguous because frankly I have been in both. Frantic for the pain to end. And so frantic I will end it. Both show the desperate edge of pain. The pain has us begging for mercy.


Poem: I dreamed


I dreamed of escape

I have not written a poem in quite some time. I blame it on the depression to be honest. High pain and depression sort of sap my creative energy. I think I am finally getting out of that slump. 

I dreamed:

I dreamed of escape,
From a life of pain.
The limitations and the shape
Of a life I couldn’t sustain

From a life of pain,
How far could I flee from me?
The limitations and the shape,
Of my soul taunting all I foresee.

How far could I flee from me?
The limitations and the shape
Of my soul taunting all I foresee.
I dreamed of escape.


Here is an older one in my more typical style.


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A Whisper Away


Just a whisper away

Pain’s hidden tears

Smiles with edges that fray

Silence weighs the fears


Pain’s hidden tears

rules all the sorrows

Smiles with edges that fray

stealing all tomorrows


Rules all the sorrows

Smiles with edges that fray

Stealing all tomorrows

Just a whisper away