Looking at suffering: how to manage

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The thing about chronic daily migraines is the suffering. Can’t escape the suffering. Chronic pain research is in its infancy but one thing they know is when we feel pain that pain information in the brain also goes to emotion centers. So we have the sensation of pain and we have an emotional response. We have suffering. They go hand in hand.

That means with chronic pain we have to find ways to manage our suffering. Personally I suck at this. I suck balls at it. I am not a overly negative person. More a realist but when it comes to pain I am negative. I find a life with pain to be a limited existence. On my dark days I wonder if it is just an unlived life.

So for people like me who develop depression associated with pain. Well, we have to look at the thoughts that come up when we are in pain and suffering to see if they are rational and reasonable thoughts. Because pain and depression both distort thoughts. I will be in pain FOREVER. I will NEVER feel better.

Here are some examples:
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