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My doctor is pretty adamant I should work from home or, at the very least, in town. Due to, yes, the vertigo. Which seems to have a bit of a mileage meter on it. Ten minutes of drive time and I am fine. Over that and it is pushing it and will generally trigger mild, moderate to severe vertigo. The more I do it, the worse it gets. One of the reasons I had to go on leave was it was getting to the point bouts were severe and I couldn’t, in fact, drive to get to work.

This is a problem for me. I tried to do as she said. I looked and looked and looked some more. I applied. And nada came of it.

It is a pickle since there isn’t actually any way to treat the vertigo. It is vestibular migraines and that is that. I have tried preventatives in the past but my response record to preventatives is pretty nill. Botox is working well for me though, just not for vertigo. Just for intensity of pain really. And neck pain.

I am short on time for a solution though. There may simply not be a viable one.


Clearly a vertigo trigger

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I have migraine associated vertigo (vestibular migraines). I have had them for five years there abouts. But there is an obvious trigger for the vertigo when I have a migraine, which is every day.

Motion. All sorts of motion. From elevators to boats.

And cars.

So driving lately has been triggering a lot of vertigo. Not while driving, but after. Mild at first. Then usually a sudden drop attack. Then getting progressively worse as the day or night goes on. Other symptoms can be a high-pitched tinnitus and muffled hearing. Obvious unsteadiness. Constant sensation of motion.

Anyway, clearly, this is becoming an issue. At its worst, I did have vertigo when driving. This was prior to my long term leave. One reason I knew I couldn’t commute to work. So obviously this is an indication I should not be driving if every single time I do it is trigger day long vertigo and drop attacks. From 20-40 minutes of driving. Today it was a 20 minute drive to my psychologist and then 20 home. And it has been getting quite bad, with 2 drop attacks and a lot of lurching from the sudden dizziness.

Without driving and no motion trigger at all I have a sort of constant but very mild pulsing sense of motion.

Anyway, I asked my doctor about it and there is literally nothing to be done about it. Other than the preventatives I have already tried and recommended by the neuro.

The plummet of Doom


I can’t believe I get to use that gif again so quickly in reference to vertigo but here we are. Here we are.

So I fell down the stairs due to a vertigo attack. A drop attack in fact. Dropped me. Down the stairs. You know, the sort where you suddenly have no ground to stand on and the world just gets all disorientating and you lurch or fall to the side? Either catching yourself, slamming into a wall or falling. Well, I was on the stairs so disorientation, lurch, and Plummet of Doom. I sort of was aware of the bumpity-bump down part but not actually falling. As in, I am not sure how I fell or landed but I sure as hell remember the painful slide down.


I have had mild vertigo for some time now. Not bad at all since I have not been driving. It is making everything bouncy. The ground is spongy and bouncy. Chairs seem like they are moving. I seem like I am moving. When I am trying to sleep the bed seems like it is falling and not and falling and now. You know… mild. But sudden drop attacks are unpredictable. And worsening of vertigo is as well, although much more predictable with a motion trigger or some migraines.


Bound to happen on the stairs eventually. Hell it happened while driving once. When I was commuting a distance so obviously the vertigo was worse. I was driving home and sudden spinning sensation and dropping lurch, over and over. If I didn’t control the vehicle calmly, I could have swerved off the road. As it was, during, you can’t perceive or see so no idea what was going on around me or if I was going straight. Worst experience ever. And once of the reasons I applied for disability from work and the chronic pain and all associated symptoms… but the vertigo was insane. When I returned to work, because they took me off long term, I started to have the same issues with the commute. Sporadic spinning spells at work. Drop attacks at work. I went on leave, or am trying to, because of lack of my ability to perform through pain, cope with work, concentrate, mood and so forth but, yeah, vertigo is an issue for sure. Once it begins from a motion trigger like that it would have just gotten more consistent. It was getting bad enough.

So this tumble was yesterday and I am feeling it today for sure. The left ankle is sprained, bruised rib and arm and my tailbone hurts like hell. All because my brain cannot tell up from down.